As I sit in my room listening to little sibling being tested her kalimahs by mum, I realize something profound.
When we’re younger, our parents are always there to nudge us onto the right track. Whether it’s waking us up for fajr, ensuring that we read our salaahs on time and at least half a para of Qur’an every day, monitoring the books we read and the messages we send, checking our schoolbags, etc.
And now we’re adults.
They’re still there, gently guiding us.
But now it’s on us.
The responsibility to do the right thing.
To realise that Allah is watching and it is Him that we’re answerable to.
To read salaah and Quran because we want Him to be pleased with us.
To avert our eyes from inappropriate things that pop up on our screens.
To read our salaah on time even, especially, when we’re out of the house.
To battle our nafs when it comes to basically anything.
To ignore messages from the opposite gender.
To conduct ourselves in a manner that defines us as Muslims.
To uphold the teachings of the Quran and sunnah in every situation.
I’m realizing this now.
And it’s a beautiful realization.
And what’s more is that
Even when we stumble and we sin
We know that Allah is still there
He’s always there
Waiting for us
And that’s even more beautiful
That feeling that you get after performing tahajjud salaah and crying to your Lord
Because you know He’s right there
Even though you are such a sinner
And there are others
Who are worshipping Him as He should be Worshipped
Praising Him as He is worthy of being praised
Yet you know that He also listens to you
And your heart surrenders.

Isn’t it beautiful being Muslim?


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