Amal : The Two of You 

(Raw thoughts)

I see you.

Standing in your kitchen, surrounded by pots of delicious food that you’ve made. I can smell the aroma of saucy steak pasta and warm chocolate cake.

There’s a cute baby sitting on the lounge carpet banging spoons against a pot, while your husband watches over it.

I always told you that you were worth more than the first person that asked. I’m glad you listened to me because you deserve so much more.

And there’s that gorgeous home office with the floor to ceiling bookshelf full of inspiration..walls covered with your accolades.

I’m so proud of you. We all are ♥


Then there’s my little munchkin.

How fast you’ve grown from a toddler to a teenager. From playing with dolls to designing and sewing outfits for them. And wanting to page though my anatomy textbooks as a pastime.

I have no idea where your path will lead you or what you’ll choose to pursue. Leena keeps saying that you’ll become a surgeon.

But I hope you both find and do what makes you incredibly happy.

All my love (and springrolls)


*This post is dedicated to Leena ♥ and Iman ♡*



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