Amal: Henna designs

I have never been a fan of henna, especially not the smell or the taste of it on your hands and nails when you’re eating.

However, that changed last year when Leena, my cousins and I began experimenting with different designs when we had free time in the holidays. I was all for the ‘bracelet style’ since it looked pretty and wouldn’t alter the taste of my food.

Since Leena did a module in visual arts I must say her drawing skills are much improved and I trust her to apply the henna after looking at a we Googled and found some designs on Pinterest that were easy to do.

Below is a recent (super simple) design that Leena did for me in February and as it was fading I just went over it again.

I tried an easy design on my leg (because if it gets ruined no one will know besides me. Lol) ..but it wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be.

The above image that I attempted is from Pinterest.. So if you’re good at art or you have steady hand, just google some Henna designs and give it a try.

Personally, I’m more for minimalism and simple designs. But if you love those super intricate designs, if you’ve tried your hand at being a henna artist, or even if you’d rather eat mud pie than come close to a henna tube, drop a comment below.


Amal x


7 thoughts on “Amal: Henna designs

  1. Love that leg design. So beautiful but only if done expertly. .. I cringe to think of all the ways my non steady hands could spoil that design… 😦
    The hand design is cute… minimal and pretty.


  2. To be honest with u, i actually applied mehndi last when i got married back in 2006. . I too cannot handle the smell. . But i have 3 girls who love mehndi whether it be just nails or even designs. . But i have strictly said designs are only for occasions like eid or a wedding cos gosh they take long. . But i love to admire though.


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