Leena – “Internet Friends”


We met through the comments section of a blog.

She is a paradox.

Her sarcasm level is like, 11 out 10. And she can guilt trip like no other. The previous post happened because she’s been guilt tripping me since I bought the thing. (Shame on you, Z!)

We’ve shared some weird, hilarious, and downright awesome moments. We’ve known each other for close to 3 years now, yet each time we plan to meet, we are this close to meeting until something pops up. Always.


Nevertheless, I still kinda sorta maybe love her. She sends the most awesome friend-versary messages. See for yourselves:


And she completely spams me:


But she’s awesome anyway and if I ever need du’as because I’m stressed out and I have too many assignments and tests and everything else going on, I always just message her and say “I need duas!”

So no, I’m  not saying that anyone should go out and start trusting random people on the internet with all their personal information (which in retrospect is exactly what we did, oops) because that is obviously dangerous. Not to mention stupid. But hey, we later found out that our grandparents stay in the same town and our parents sort of know each other, so it’s all good!

I leave you with evidence of her sweetness:


You guys may now go and try to befriend her :’)


When we finally meet it’s gonna be wonderful (Insha Allah) ❤ )


Love you guys for reading my random posts! Have a lovely weekend!


-Leena ❤


9 thoughts on “Leena – “Internet Friends”

  1. Aww! You’re so much sweeter on a public platform! xD
    احبك الذى احببتنى له ❤❤❤
    (Did you deliberately use a screenshot with a typo? 👀👀)


    1. You’re horrible! And no, I told you which I would be using, it’s not my fault if you and autocorrect aren’t as close as you claim…why didn’t I use THAT screenshot??


      1. You’re still horrible, I’m going to try that little experiment again where I ignore you. Ha. Take that!


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