Amal: Pet peeves 

“Line cutters. Nail biters. Slow walkers. Loud chewers.”
How annoying are these things? Extremely.
I’ve picked  some of my absolute pet peeves from the Huffington post and included some of my own to share with you all.

1. When people are late or make me run late because I’m waiting for them.

2. People who drag their feet and walk.
3. People who smoke and the lingering smoke smell that follows them.
4. People who cough without covering their mouths.
5. People who talk about dieting while I’m enjoying donuts.
6. People who say ‘no offense’ as if it downplays anything insulting they say.
7. When groups of people walk slowly or take up the entire passage way or sidewalk.
8. Line cutters. There are social rules you must follow.
9. Misspelled signs.
10. When people continuously misspell or mispronounce my name.

11. Passengers on public transport who blast music through the earphones for everyone else to hear.
12. People who talk over you when you’re clearly still in the middle of a sentence.
13. When you open the door for someone and not only do they not thank you but they also glide straight past you as if people are obligated to hold doors open for them.
14. When people spend more time on their phone during dinner or lunch than they do interacting with the people present at the table.
15. People who don’t silence their phone when they play a game in public.
16. Public displays of affection.

17. People who don’t squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube.

18. Clothes that say medium on the tag but end up being XL.
19. People who don’t use proper punctuation or sentence construction.
20. Unsharpened colour pencils.
21. People who don’t stand an arm’s length away. Don’t invade my personal space.
22. Slow drivers in the fast lane.

Share your pet peeves in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you guys!





6 thoughts on “Amal: Pet peeves 

  1. Too long nails (which are dirty!), people who remind you a 100 times about an event, dirty feet, not fully blended foundation / BB cream, people who mumble, opening a packet of chips (or the like) upside-down.. yeah and much more lol


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