Leena – What a week!

I can finally get a moment to breathe and type out a post! I’ve had so many ideas for posts this week, but don’t ideas always pop up when you have no time to act on them?

It’s been a crazy week; not only was I bombarded with work but I also overheard some pretty strange things – not by eavesdropping, don’t worry!

(By the way, I wanted to add more images to this post but it’s taking too long to edit and its already 11:35 PM.)


(I’m kinda obsessed with peanut butter at the moment (??!!) to the point that I dig a spoon into the jar and lick the PB straight off the spoon – and no, I don’t put the spoon back in because that’s disgusting and no one should ever do that, jbtw. PB is my go to on those days when I just don’t know what to make for lunch. It’s good as a sandwich spread, but my favourite has got to be eating it with coco pops (more about that later). )


On Monday evening, I sat up for a bit trying to study because I was writing 2 semester tests the next day. I think I gave up after a while and decided to just wake up a bit earlier in the morning to study, but of course that didn’t happen, even though I set 5 alarms to wake myself up (ended up waking up the rest of the family instead..)

Tuesday morning dawned and I was rushing because it was almost sunrise and I was so close to missing Fajr. Everyone knows that’s like asking for your day to go topsy turvy (favourite phrase from Enid Blyton’s books!) Thankfully I made it on time and eventually got to campus, skipped my first lecture because I needed to study for the test at 8:30 AM, got a serious cramp in my fingers trying to write 3 essays in a span of 50 minutes, and eventually finished that paper with no time to spare.

I had an hour free after that so I ate some breakfast, then headed off for another lecture after which I proceeded to sit my behind down for the rest of the day to study because I was not ready for the second test!

I studied and studied and studied and revised my work once, only taking a break for salaah. At 4PM I felt okay-ish confident that I sort of knew my work,  at which point I tried to eat my pie without messing (not really possible, btw) *_* (I LOVE PIE…)

Once that paper was over, I read Maghrib and waited for my dad to fetch me (because mama won’t let me drive alone at night). After showering, supper, and Esha, I sat down with my notes to try to study for the next day but my brain just wouldn’t comply and my eyes were closing, so I said bugger it and went to sleep.

At this point you guys are probably thinking, she’s crazy, but fret not! I don’t literally start studying on the day of the test only, I do go over my work before that! I don’t think I’m such a sucker for punishment and even though I used to procrastinate a lot, I’m trying to get rid of that habit (although if you think about it, I’m procrastinating right now because I have a few assignments due next week, and I’m writing another test but I’m writing this post…)



*Repeat process from Tuesday*

*get home*

*proceed to shower, read salaah, sit down to study with stronger-than-usual cup of coffee and scone*

*coffee not strong enough*


*close books and hit the bed*


*skip morning lecture to study*

*meet sweet Chinese girl and proceed to gripe together about having to self-study an entire theme*

 *write test as fast as aching and freezing fingers allow*

*begin assignment at 9:40 that’s due at noon*

*day over and guess who hasn’t finished studying for their 7:30AM test on Friday (this time there’s no skipping that session to study for the next one)*


*Wastes time trying to find Friday-appropriate scarf (Guys. Always decide what you’re going to wear, the night before.)*

*Reaches 15 minutes late because traffic*

*Practises chicken scrawl in paper (I’m really sorry, whoever has to mark that. I sincerely hope it’s decipherable.)*

*Finishes on the dot*

*Happiness, because this week is finally over!!!*

[About the peanut butter and coco pops thing – I’m 100% sure there’s a recipe somewhere about the ratio of pb to chocolate to coco pops, but I’m telling you, do whatever you want! Mix those 3 ingredients together (melt the pb and/or choc first, then mix in the coco pops). Now if you want to, spread it out evenly on a tray and sprinkle coloured sweets – hundreds & thousands- on top, refrigerate it and when its hard, cut it into squares and keep it in the fridge for whenever you feel like having a treat.) If you’re like me and want it immediately, drop some pb and/or choc in a bowl, pop it in the microwave for a bit and then mix your coco pops in and eat it just like that!]

I honestly don’t know who came up with this, but I really like them. It’s a pretty old thing though but if anyone knows who it is, then let me know so I can credit them… I’m all for IP rights.


Exhausts back and feet shopping but finds nothing :/ Such is life. 


So, that was my week! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it was really long by my standards! Let me know if you guys want to see more posts like this, or not. 

Love you guys!




6 thoughts on “Leena – What a week!

    1. Nope, no exchanges. And you know I can make either of those whereas you don’t have full reign over the kitchen there so 😛 also, none of those cinnamon rolls for you from today! 😀


      1. I am coming home in 11 days..i expect a giant tupperware full of everything nice that you and Mama make..make sure you put some springrolls in too 😛


      2. I forgot to log out and comment that under Amal 😂 now it looks like you’re talking to yourself 😂


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