Amal – A Hug in a Cup

 *Edited version

Salaam lovelies 

I’ve been drinking a new type of tea recently – Moroccan Mint Tea, all the way from Egypt. This perfectly blended tea with a touch of mint is my new favourite. ❤ [Drop tea bag into favourite mug, pour boiling water and inhaaale.. *-*]

The cutest thing about this is that each tea bag has Arabic and English quotes pertaining to a healthy lifestyle!

If you ever come across one of those tea shops with a hundred different teas, give it a go. Close your eyes and pick a random flavour, just try something new! 🙂

I’d love to know what’s your hug in a cup.. (Leena’s is hot chocolate minus marshmallows.)
Speaking of..Leena is submerged in work..pray for her, then maybe we can get another post soon ^_^

Now I feel for homemade chicken subs… *sigh*

Until next time…

مع السلامة


5 thoughts on “Amal – A Hug in a Cup

    1. Next on my list is gourmet fresh lemon tea or rooibos Masala Chai..check out the tea merchant website..There’s plenty of options (:

      (Ps. I like your posts)
      And thanks for commenting

      Amal x

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